Humana Partnership Announced


We have recently partnered with Humana on a national value-based program to benefit patients receiving a Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG).

For select members of Humana Medicare Advantage plans, this value-based program benefits those undergoing heart bypass surgery. CABG is a common cardiac procedure performed on those whose arteries are blocked or narrowed due to plaque buildup. The procedure works to increase blood flow to the heart by grafting an artery or vein, usually from the patient’s chest wall or leg, to the blocked artery and rerouting blood flow to the heart.

Typically, a patient’s length of stay when receiving post-op care for a CABG procedure can be high and costly, averaging about 6-7 days. This program model is specifically designed to assist in decreasing the length of stay for care and in turn, decreasing the overall cost for the patient. The program’s end goal is for our cardiothoracic surgeons to not only maintain a high quality of care, but to improve on the quality of care delivered.

This model will ultimately decrease patient length of stay, overall cost, readmission rate and complication rates. As the only Florida program participants, Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgical Associates, P.A. is proud to work with Humana on this program because at the end of the day, an increase in patients’ safety and positive health outcomes is what we strive for!

Check out the full press release on Humana’s website here!

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